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Make a musical dream come true today

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In September 2018, Musical Dream began a partnership with The Father’s Heart Ministries to build a children’s choir for children ages 8-19. The Father’s Heart serves the homeless, working poor, immigrants, families, and the elderly of New York City’s Lower East Side. READ MORE

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Our Mission

Musical Dream Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization mentoring talented young people through free performing arts instruction. In an era where many schools are cutting down or eliminating music programs and parents cannot afford private lessons, Musical Dream is bridging the gap. Our unique musical training program provides free performing arts instruction to young people in the Greater New York Metropolitan area who have talent, motivation, and financial need.

OUR focus

​We at Musical Dream are committed to mentoring our students and teaching them to be great musicians as well as great citizens. With this in mind, each semester we provide 15 private music lessons, showcase concert opportunities, and community outreach concerts where our students perform for isolated or otherwise marginalized groups in New York City. Additionally, masterclasses and various workshops round out our program each semester. The discipline of memorizing music, the social skills learned from communicating with an audience, and the confidence earned from commanding the stage are all important lessons that compliment what our students learn in the studio on a weekly basis. 

The number of music scholars we train each school year is limited only by the amount of money we are able to raise with your support through individual contributions as well as private grant funding.

Please join us in making musical dreams come true!